The work is a video installation which includes; Video screening, the video is 8.35 min and runs in a loop. Aquarium and a water tank underneath with a water pump connected between them. Light sensor which is placed on the screening wall, connected to the water pump, the light sensor causes the water from the water tank to raise and reduce the water inside the aquarium according to the amount of light in the video. The screening itself goes through the aquarium onto the wall in front and as the water rises it enables the video on the aquariums glass to appear, as both images stand against each other.   The work took part in the exhibition "limit", july 2014
The sensation of a moment between being a subjet and being an object. The moment of looking at a thing, observing it, checking it, judging it, seeing it,  understanding it, being impresed by it, emotioned by it, the sensation of being filled, flooded, untill the moment of a flood of information, not being able to grasp anymore, understand anymore, the need to colse the eyes, to block the lookout. Then, the moment of feeling watched, the trasformation of this object to a subject looking, checking one out and by that transforming one himself to the object of the gaze.
photos by lea fabrikant