TWO EDGED SWORD sculpture 340x140x70cm (wood, stainless steel)
I entered that space,  Everybody was staring at me, Waiting for something The room was white, the floor gray and in the center the staircase. I looked around at the people, full of shame of my nudity, full of shame of being me, and all I wanted was to climb those stairs. The cage was low and I had to get on four, in dog steps moving forward deeper into the cage. Climbing the stairs, the cage started shaking and rocking me gently and pleasantly from side to side as my fingers grasped the iron bars. With every step I took, increased the movement of the cage and so my pleasure. At one point, I completely forgot about the surrounding. The shame had gone away and switched into a delightful sensation due to the movement of the cage as it pounded against my body. I stumbled and struggled to get up again, bruises covering my body, no pain, just pure bliss from the achievement of climbing the stairs, leading  me there, to the sanctuary. My tired body managed to climb another step as the toss of the cage threw me from side to side, causing me to hit my head and loose my grip. I Stumbled a few steps down caught a grip and continued.